Technology, computers, and the internet have drastically changed what is valuable today. Many industries will continue to change because of automation and technological advancement.


How can YOU adapt and thrive in today’s employment landscape?

Computer Coaching with Chris Milner

In the first coaching session with Chris, a client builds cyber identity awareness and identifies their current security practices. 

Who is it for?

The world is an increasingly dangerous place online. Every individual who works, and uses online banking, needs to properly protect their assets. The first e-course at CS Retreats is aimed at helping clients understand different aspects of cyber security awareness.

Here to serve you

A significant pillar in life is an individual’s net worth. Learning how to protect your identity and assets is a requirement in today’s online world. Chris coaches clients around this important principle prior to focusing on their career goals. CS Retreats is here to provide unique destination based learning retreats.

What computer science skills can you learn to help you protect your assets?

Where will your cyber destinations take you?