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A significant proportion of employment in the future will require a broad understanding of computer science and technology related skills. In this course, Chris Milner, sets the foundation to create a successful career plan focused on developing modern day income producing skills.

This self-help based course provides a perspective into creating “career flow.” A state of mind our clients aim to achieve when working and learning in their everyday lives. This assessment is the first destination on our clients career journey. It includes an exploration into potential areas of employment through learning computer science skills.

Chris Milner is a father and full-time power engineer. He has the strong desire to serve clients as a career coach. Chris was raised in a small northern B.C. community, with an initial interest in medicine. He graduated from the University of B.C. Okanagan in 2012, with a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry with honours. Unable to gain entrance into a Canadian medical school, Chris pivoted into power engineering. He is a hard-working professional at a local pulp mill, in Prince George, B.C. He founded CS Retreats in 2021, to create an educational platform that connects clients to computer science professionals. CS Retreats creates value for our clients by assisting them in learning the skills necessary for the digital age.

The majority of people do not code because it can be boring, complex, and they see little value in it.

It takes significant intrinsic motivation to succeed in coding.

Chris’s clients succeed because he focuses on developing an extrinsic motivation, based on creating “career flow.”

Chris assists clients in identifying where they should focus their energy.


Defining Client Values

Socrates said "know thyself."
Clients can experience ignorance working through the first step in this assessment.
It can be hard to accept what we value in life, in part due to our culture, environment, and upbringing.
The goal is to identify, understand, and assess our clients values.
This will set the foundation to create "career flow."

Identifying Client Behaviours

Next, the client enhances their foundation.
They will self-directly write a:

Personal Mission Statement
Personal Code of Conduct

Building an online presence must be done carefully, as every word written is recorded for the whole world to see.
Our clients maintain high standards of professional conduct.

Motivation & Habits

A person's habits are created by their ongoing behaviours and values. We all have good and bad habits. We all can struggle with our willpower. We can use modern day technology to automate, reinforce, suppress, and control our habits. Our online community holds our clients accountable for their goals. private member community connects our members with other like-minded individuals.

Mapping Current Skills

The final assessment is to determine the realistic situation of the client. How can they focus their competitiveness toward learning computer science skills?
What is the clients background regarding computer science?
Are they interested in developing their online presence?
Are they interested in coding?
Do they have an idea they want to grow?