Cyber Security Awareness Training

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Our digital identities grow in value over time as technological innovation continues to accelerate. We entrust our most important assets, our money, and our identities, behind passwords and secondary verification methods. It is imperative we take the time to properly learn the best practices for staying safe and secure online. This e-course provides essential knowledge that an individual should know in cyber security. It is suitable for ages 14+.

  • The functional benefits of taking this course cannot be underestimated. Experiencing identity fraud / theft can ruin an individual’s credit score, drain their life savings, and basically upend life as they know it. Cyber attacks and data breaches have become increasingly common. Protecting your data, your digital identity, and your valuable accounts is a requirement in today’s online world. You must continual update your applications and software, monitor important accounts for unauthorized access, and grow your digital fingerprint safely.
  • The emotional benefits felt after completing this e-course are significant as you understand the digital systems in place that can protect you. Your confidence is increased as you build new skills in cyber security. You have the satisfaction of being safe when browsing online and feel stronger as you are more aware of the threat of bad actors.
  • The transformational benefits of this course are long-lasting. Chris’s goal with CS Retreats is to inspire individuals to learn computer science. Once an individual has protected themselves sufficiently, they can begin to take advantage of their technology for personal and career growth.